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January 28th & 29th


Join us for two powerful days of encountering the love & power of Jesus!

Join Jesus Encounters Season #1

$24,521 of $30,000 raised

Let's reach the goal!

Our evangelism videos are completely crowd funded. We are able to take the budget raised and hire a film crew, professional editors, film in significant areas, and market each video. Join us in this amazing endeavor!

Upcoming Workshops

Thursday Workshop 1pm -3pm Eastern

1/13  Breaking Demonic Strongholds  Join


Practical Supernatural exists to reveal the person and power of Jesus Christ. It is our desire that every follower of Jesus learn to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit. Our videos, workshops, classes, and coaching, are designed to equip and empower believers to know who they are in Christ, hear the voice of God, develop their supernatural gifts, and share the message of Jesus with the world.

Practical Supernatural is lead by James Peddie and co-lead by Scott Kang and June Jeung.

God Speaks in shocking detail

God Reveals & heals

James' Testimony

Seeking Spiritual Growth?

We can help.